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Narnia/The Wall of Goodness

April 21, 2010

I suppose the point of creating a blog was to post in it. Sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t follow through with the things you meant to. Okay, so I rarely follow through with the things I mean to. That is probably why whenever I decide to do laundry, I open the washer and there are damp clothes that smell of deserted sadness waiting in there. And then I have to re-wash them. And the whole process begins again. This also explains the mountain of clothes that usually lives in a heap in my closet.

Speaking of wardrobes (kind of), let me tell you about a Narnia-like experience that I had recently. It begins with my daily 40 minute walk to work.

If you picture a square grid, with my apartment in one corner, and my work in the diagonally opposite corner, this is a map of my walk to work. Basically there are about a bazillion different routes that I could take. A bazillion and two if you count the subway routes. But they usually contain homeless people sleeping in the entrances and rude people who don’t make room for you and let the doors shut so you are left standing on the platform, sad and alone. So I generally avoid the subway. Hence the 40 minutes of walking. Most days I set off with no particular route in mind. I am prepared to go wherever the wind takes me. Not literally though. I’m not Mary F-ing Poppins. Ok I said that with anger because I wish that I was. I tend to zone out as I walk, and just go in the general direction of my work and hope that I get there. My i-pod contributes a lot to my zoning out as I tend to imagine myself in various movie montages as I step to the beat. (For example, if something like Bleeding Love should be playing I imagine I am a heartbroken Leona, wandering the desolate streets of failed love).

On this particular day (Tuesday), I zoned out more than usual. And I eventually realized I had no idea where I was. Had I gone too far west? Too far south? Was I just in previously uncharted walking territory, but still somewhere between my apartment and my house? I did not know. Now normally when this happens I sit on a corner and cry and eventually find a pay phone and call my mom asking for help. And when I mean normally I mean when I was 15 and took the wrong bus. But being the independent woman that I am (and having a good decade of wisdom on my former hysterical self) I decided I could just figure out where I was without any outside assistance. Looking back on this, I acted like your average male homosapien. So I picked a direction and walked that way.

At this point I realized I was in some sort of alley. I didn’t even know downtown Toronto HAD alleys. Apparently it does. Or at least there is one. Maybe. Anyways, this particular alley was bedazzled by unicorns and dragons and things that may have been ligers. And when I say bedazzled I mean somebody found some sort of industrial bedazzler and went wild. Seriously. It was like graffiti on crack. Well most graffiti probably IS on crack. So graffiti on crack on 4 bags of skittles and probably a pack of starburst too. And those swedish fish. Cause they are f-ing delicious. And I am sure grafitti would agree. Anyways, if you know me at all, you know that I LOVE all things whimsical. And I was thus entranced by the Wall of Goodness. It was like somebody combined all my dreams, and reflected them with neon spray paint and some sort of plastic gemstones.

After admiring the Wall for approximately 4 and a quarter minutes, I realized I was going to be late and started speed walking to work. I somehow managed to find a street I recognized and found my way through the urban jungle to arrive only 8 minutes late to work.

Cut to Wednesday morning (today). I pay attention to my walk and purposely try to find my way back to the Wall of Goodness. I have brought my camera to prove its existance. I search for the wall for an extra 15 minutes rather than walk directly to work. I do not find the wall. This leads me to the conclusion that the Wall of Goodness is like Narnia. There must be some trick to finding it. Perhaps it can only be found while listening to “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”?

This will require further investigation. But I am determined to find my way back to Narnia/The Wall of Goodness.

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  1. April 22, 2010 5:15 pm

    Wow. Why haven’t I come across whimsically graffiti-ed walls with gemstones? Where are MY ligers?

    Seriously? A Narnia-like wall of goodness? I am very jealous!! If you decide one weekend to go hunting for it, I will gladly come downtown to assist!

  2. Stacey permalink
    April 29, 2010 11:13 am

    I love this post! I hope you find it again so you can provide pictures! However, your song example made me sad…a heartbroken Leona?? As a fellow day dreamer, I suggest Pfeifer Broz Orchestra “Sex and the City Theme”…it makes me feel like I’m walking downtown NY no matter where I am! 😀

  3. April 29, 2010 5:53 pm

    Well I like doing fun songs too…but sometimes I just put my ipod on shuffle and try to decide what I would be doing in the various videos LOL.

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