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Glamour Puss

April 23, 2010

Now that I have been finished my undergrad for almost two years, I feel the need to reflect, and share the lessons that I learned.

Lesson number 1: How to deal with a mean professor. So you know that professor you had that was pretty much the devil incarnate, and you couldn’t figure out why she would even want to be a part of human society, let alone teach? You know who I’m talking about, the one who handed you back your paper (which you worked very hard on) with the grade C written on the top and in the comments space, simply the word “no”. She’s that professor who would often talk about the famous people she had “lunched” with (ie bought tickets to events they were speaking at) and also about how she could tell whether songs were good or not because she had “perfect pitch”. Did you not have this professor? Oh. Well I did. But I managed to find a way to handle it without erupting like Mount Eyshjfjahfnbjvdk.ashvgi;ybr (or whatever that volcano in Iceland is called). How did I do it? I imagined her life outside professing. Judging by her overall mean-spirited nature, her copious amounts of neck fat, and her colourful moomoos, I am going to guess she has at least seven cats – cats always seem to love mean people. Approximately four of the cats are named Sprinkles. She buys them Fancy Feast because she thinks they are fancy. She also knits them designer hats to wear around the house. See. now I am thinking about fancy cats wearing funny hats, and not about how mad I am. Now I am also thinking about a book I saw called Glamour Puss. You can find it here. (And I suggest you do…find it that is).

So now you may be wondering, where was the advice in that story? Well the advice is this: if you are angry at a mean person, think about kitties wearing wigs.

The end.

More lessons to come later.

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  1. Catherine permalink
    May 9, 2010 5:16 pm

    I know this professor.
    I know her neck fat and mumus.
    I best dealt with her by not attending her classes. Or by sneakily leaving at the break. One time I tried to come in at break time to hand in essays but she changed the break time because she is sneaky and evil like that.
    I’m glad we got to live this together.

  2. Catherine permalink
    May 9, 2010 5:18 pm

    Oh I thought I wrote a comment but it didnt appear…
    Do you have to moderate. I don’t know how to use blogs!

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