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What does boredom lead to? You’ll never guess…

April 27, 2010

I have been really bored this evening. I thought to myself “maybe I’ll blog”, but then I couldn’t think of anything to blog about. So what did I end up doing? I watched reruns of Friends, I played tetris online and eventually, my boredom got so bad, that I watched a youtube video of a girl curling her hair. Now as if that was not bad enough, she also has TWO other videos (here and here), ALSO of her curling her hair. Yep. I watched those too. In case you don’t feel like clicking the links and watching the videos for yourself let me give you a bit of a summary. First though, it should be noted that I am not at all making fun of this girl. Clearly I think she is awesome. After all, I did watch all three videos. Actually, instead of a summary, I am going to give you my top ten favourite quotes:

10. “I thought it would be pretty interesting to make a video to show how I [curl my hair]”

9. “I guess this isn’t much of a how-to video. I’m just gonna talk and I’m gonna curl my hair.”

8. “I know some of you really like it when I curl my hair.”

7. “I’m gonna do a remake of it. Just ’cause I feel like doing it again.”

6. “This is just gonna be a hair curling video.”

5. “Church is at 2:00. … A long time ago it used to be at 11:00. Oh my goodness, I would have to get up at like 7:30.”

4. “Two of my most popular videos is my curly/wavy hair videos …. those videos are so old. … It’s time for a new one.”

3. “I did put in some leave in conditioner, which is really good because it makes your hair shiny…and soft. So it’s kinda good for you.”

2. “I can’t stand a perfectly, perfectly formed hairdo. It’s just like WOW are you going to a wedding or something? Come on girl, we’re just going to Walmart!”

1. “Do they sell bird muzzle’s or something?”

So there you have it. My top ten favourite hair curling moments. So if you are ever bored, I highly recommend checking the videos out. While you are at it, I also recommend watching the shopping channel. One time, when I was sick, the tv was turned to the shopping channel and I didn’t know where the remote was. And I couldn’t move from the couch once I lay down, so I was committed to watching the shopping channel for as long as I lay there. Which was approximately two hours. I saw the ad for the Sobacawa Pillow like…6 times. So if you are ever curious about that pillow, I pretty much know everything there is to know. So yeah, I guess you could say I’m your Sobacawa go-to girl.

Hopefully if you were surfing the web in your boredom and found my blog, I have provided a couple of new ideas for you. So, good luck in your future boredom endeavors.

PS – Where DO they sell bird muzzles?


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